Pevonia Introduces Back-to-School Promotional Program

Pevonia, professional skincare and luxury spa products, has launched Event-In-A-Box, an all-inclusive program that equips spas with utensils to host a promotional event from start to finish. These tools are proven to stimulate buzz, promote, and sell products generating revenue for the accounts that implicate these resources. “Several of our prestige spas have already experienced our new event concept gaining strong professional and retail sales quickly,” says vice president of sales Shawn Morgan. “We are one of the few skincare brands that have remained loyal to the professional skincare industry and we will continue to do so with innovative marketing initiatives like this.” With the Event-In-A- Box program, spas can harness marketing models to drive sales effortlessly. The August focus for the company included packaging this universal marketing strategy with the Spa Teen Selfie Skin Challenge for Back-to-School promotional efforts. “We are not just putting a stake in the ground,” Morgan explains, “but an entire foundation and infrastructure committed to innovation and market leadership."

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