Pevonia Training Course Tackles Wellness Trends

The Phoenician ScottsdalePevonia will be hosting an upcoming training course about the growing wellness trends April 25 and 26 from 9 AM to 4 PM at The Phoenician Scottsdale. Christian Jurist, M.D., Pevonia’s medical director of global education, and Melissa Morris, Pevonia’s corporate educator, will be hosting this training experience and will also be providing attendees with an overview of the company’s skincare lines and benefits along with anti-aging recommendations and solutions. They will also delve into the technology of Pevonia’s treatments, products, and latest innovations, as well as give specific instructions to the attendees for integrating Pevonia Wellness into their spas.

Highlights of the experience will include Anti-Aging Lines Review, a seminar hosted by Jurist discussing key information about the skin's aging process, fountain of youth ingredients, and tips for positioning and recommending Pevonia’s anti-aging products to clients; and a Cellulite 101 course to discuss fat metabolism, how cellulite forms and progresses, and the latest effective ingredients to contour and regenerate the body. This session will also include a demo of Pevonia’s Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Body with targeted leg treatment. Morris will conduct a Wellness & Product Manufacturing training session involving a demo of Pevonia’s new Wellness Fusion Ritual. This class will help attendees transcend the focus of their spa therapies into the realm of wellness for maximum guest satisfaction.

Learn more about Pevonia and its hands-on training courses.

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