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Pique Your Pinterest

We spend a lot of time sharing our tips and other spas' best practices when it comes to social media (here and here). That usually means Facebook and Twitter for initially establishing an online presence, but once that's solidified you may be missing out on excellent retail sales opportunities if your business doesn't expand to Pinterest, as well. Pinterest is much more than wedding planning and fitness inspiration; this scrapbook-style social site has more than 70 million users and generates four times more money per click than Twitter. Here are several starter tips for using Pinterest the right way:

1. Brand your Pins

Brand all images with your spa's logo to optimize for free promotion via repinning. This extra step will take more time, but it will increase your exposure as fellow pinners repin your images and share with their followers. Keep in mind, though, a logo should complement, not overwhelm attention, so be sure to place a small logo in the corner.

2. Make User-Friendly Pins

The goals of fans on Facebook and Twitter versus Pinterest are quite different, and your business' posts should reflect that. On Facebook and Twitter viewers look for content while shopping and buying products are take precedent on Pinterest. Make it as easy as possible for shoppers to learn more about your product and buy it right then and there by creating Rich Pins, which automatically include real-time pricing, availability, and where to buy.

3. Integrate Pinterest in Your Website

When updating your spa's website, integrate the "Pin It" button throughout all of your content. Not only does this allow your shoppers to save their favorites, but it also allows you to track what images, information, and products are resonating with your visitors in each season.

4. Create a Community

Show your Pinterest fans that you're listening to what they like. Highlight the "most-pinned" item of the week on the front page of your website, or in your spa's retail area. Including this allows your clients to validate their purchase. By identifying the popular, trending items, your visitors will instantly gravitate there.

Is Pinterest part of your spa's social media strategy?