Plum Perfect Launches Girl Seeks Sample Feature

Plum Perfect launches Girl Seeks SampleBeauty app Plum Perfect recently introduced its latest feature, Girl Seeks Sample. This makeup-sampling feature utilizes Plum Perfect’s color recommendation technology, which scans 60,000-plus makeup products to find the perfect match for users in seconds. Users simply download the Plum Perfect app and take a selfie, and Plum Perfect’s technology analyzes each user’s skin, hair, eye, and lip colors to create a Color Signature from the photo. After the user has found a color match, they can tap on the Girl Seeks Sample icon and explore products from the app’s featured beauty brand of the month. Users can request as many samples as they want each month by simply tapping “Seek Sample” on the app and the product sample will be shipped for free or as little as $2. “Girl Seeks Sample is the first on-demand beauty-sampling interface where shoppers get perfectly matched with product samples in shades that match their skintone,” says founder and CEO Asmau Ahmed. “We do this with our patented color-recommendation technology. There is absolutely no guessing if a product is the right match for you. Now, anyone can seek and receive beauty samples they actually want, whenever they want.”

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