Repêchage Debuts Treatments at IECSC Florida

This fall, Repêchage, a professional skincare line featuring seaweed and natural botanicals, demonstrated four of its unique treatments at International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference (IECSC) in Florida. Treatments include the Repêchage SeaSmooth Artisan Seaweed Wax, as well as the Hydra 4 Red-Out Facial, Calming Cleanser, and Serum for hypersensitive skin and rosacea. The wax is infused with safflower oil, select seaweeds, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide, and eliminates irritation, redness, and bumps. Ideal for sensitive skin, the Hydra 4 Red-Out products are made with micro silver, which reduces the bacteria in which microbes thrive, therefore helping to soothe inflamed and irritated skin. 

At IECSC, Repêchage founder and CEO Lydia Sarfati also headlined several classes to educate spa industry professionals. In The Art & Science of European Facial Massage, Sarfati covered the science behind massage, including an overview of the function of the muscles, lymph, and circulatory systems She also demonstrated the Lydia Sarfati Facial Massage Technique. In Sarfati’s second class, Aging Skin - Preventative Treatments & Solutions, Sarfati discussed environmental exposure, genetics, hormonal, and chronological factors that influence aging of the skin, including top ingredients to treat aging skin. 


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