Showtime has ended...

Attended IECSC in Ft. Lauderdale or missed it? It was a great show.  I’m not just saying it, I mean it!  I am a little late in reporting as I came back with a respiratory infection and laryngitis, which lasted weeks.  But better late than never! The IECSC show, now in it’s second year it has truly arrived and had such a great vibe! There were so many classes I wanted to attend, but were at the same time I was guest speaking. There were many new vendors with great products to add to my retail mix for the holidays at my business.  I also found new music to play at my sweet beauty retreat which will also be a great addition to my retail.  If you have not heard of him, George Skaroulis is a man whose music you don’ want to miss.  His music is not whale music or the ocean it is simply gorgeous and pretty amazing.  My clients are already addicted to the sound of his music and looking forward to new sounds from him.  A personal favorite of mine is Sanctuary; it gave me goose bumps the first time I listened to it.

Another great find came from Shunga.  They have a brand of edible body art and chocolate face mask in one as well as something called Snow Dust are sure to meet the gift giving needs for us for Valentines day 2011.

The makeup classes really packed the house.  Gabriel Noda offered a glamorous Smoky Eye Extravaganza, Buntricia Bastian and I offered techniques for making up women of Ebony and Ivory coloring. Dominic Cruz shared his many beauty secrets for the runway and print.  Adrienne Vasquez offered bridal beauty.

Makeup on the show floor is filled with color and skin care. The beauty trend for the holiday face is all about metallic and the beauty of purple or traditional red on the lips. Skin care continues to soar with even more results driven ingredients. Cupcakes rule when it comes to the bathtub. Bath salts and scrubs soothe the senses and smoothe the skin too.

If you couldn’t join us this year think about next year, especially if you live in Florida or the surrounding states.  Each beauty conference show has something wonderful offer, and no two shows are alike. What’s exciting about shows are there is always something new; lots of different products and you’ll learn so much too.  Your career and beauty business needs them to be the best it can be.  See you at IECSC and IBS New York City March 2011.