Skin Authority Launches Lifestyle-Focused App

Skin Authority has introduced My Skin Authority App, an interactive lifestyle app that connects users with a skin coach to customize a skin health plan based on clients’ needs, goals, and schedule. “The beauty of My Skin Authority is that we reach out on behalf of the spa partner,” says CEO Celeste Hilling. “Skin Authority does the work and the spa team receives the benefits of repeat customers, increased retail sales, and happy therapists. We are harnessing the power of everyone having a mobile device in their hand and showcasing the personal touch that brings.” Available for free at the Apple App Store and on Google play, users can access skincare expertise via phone, live chat, video chat, e-mail, or a scheduled call back. “Users can work with the coaches in two ways: if you don’t have time to talk, they can quickly build a skincare routine based on an online profile you complete or they can chat with you live via phone, FaceTime, etc.,” says Hilling. The app also features a Beauty Workout Zone educational blog and videos from Hilling covering skincare concerns, such as Practicing Safe Sun and Balancing Oily Skin. Additionally, the app can be configured for non-mobile devices within a spa for browser-based access to guest profile. “The app uses technology to automate processes and remove obstacles that stand in the way of rebooking and selling,” says chief marketing officer Maurice Voce. “The fundamental part of My Skin Authority is facilitating a dialogue between the live skin coach and the consumer when it’s convenient for them and maintaining that conversation on an ongoing basis. It’s all about connecting the consumer with the spa professional—not disconnecting them.”

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Skin Authority has introduced My Skin Authority App,