Smile Reminder Introduces Botexting!

Smile Reminder Service Uses Real Time Messaging to Keep Botox Patients Informed, Updated and On-Time 

Lehi, Utah – December 14, 2010 – Smile Reminder, which is now being used by medical spas, plastic surgeons and dermatologists, allows patients to communicate directly with their doctor or esthetician via text messaging or email, sending them personalized reminders about their upcoming Botox appointments. When Botox patients haven't scheduled a follow-up visit, Smile Reminder's 'recare' feature automatically sends a friendly notice, reminding them that if they don't return soon, their wrinkles surely will. The 'recare' reminders generate revenue that could otherwise be lost, while simultaneously providing patients a much appreciated service. The service is also used as an invitation tool to bring the girls together for the infamous Botox party!

Days after treatment, Botox patients see wrinkles disappear right before their eyes. (As well as right above their eyes, right below their eyes...) But with so much competition, Smile Reminder's 'recare' service ensures their return to the same doctor or esthetician for repeat business. The Smile Reminder service makes the process of booking return office visits as smooth as the patient's new complexion.

Not only does Smile Reminder serve as a convenient tool for customers, but it also enables doctors to send birthday or holiday greetings, group messaging and updates on last minute cancellations. Smile Reminder takes the worry (and the worry lines) out of confirming appointments. The result: extra time for the staff to handle more important business.

'Scheduling office visits is time consuming for both the patient and staff,' says Smile Reminder CEO Jim Higgins. 'Smile Reminder gives doctors and estheticians a direct route of communication while concurrently giving patients access to all pertinent information. This enhanced experience allows both doctors and patients to benefit equally. The end result is time saved and revenue generated.'

With Smile Reminder, doctors can instill in their patients the kind of convenience and comfort they deserve when scheduling each upcoming procedure. The 'recare' feature provides patients helpful reminders as well as helping doctors and estheticians to obtain additional revenue, giving both parties a little something more to smile about.

About Smile Reminder

Smile Reminder, the pioneer in text and email messaging to patients, is the clear leader in providing patient communication and interaction solutions for healthcare providers. Utilizing the latest automated text/email messaging technologies and social media tools, Smile Reminder equips practices with a 'high-tech' solution that does not sacrifice the 'high-touch' personalization when communicating with patients. Smile Reminder messaging solutions include every type of personalized patient e-communication including appointment reminders, confirmations, recare/recall, new patient referrals, birthday wishes, holiday wishes, surveys, newsletters, customized promotions and more. 

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