Software Solutions

Running a spa is rarely easy, but today’s spa software can certainly help make it less stressful. From streaming operations to offering innovative features that can help your spa stay organized, software is an invaluable piece of the operations puzzle. Inventory management, for example, is one area that can be greatly improved upon with the right software. According to Frank Pitsikalis, founder and CEO of ResortSuite, effective inventory management ensures that a spa maximizes its retail revenue opportunities. ResortSuite’s inventory management feature auto-generates purchase orders for preferred suppliers based on defined minimum and maximum levels. It can also perform inventory cycle counts using mobile scanners and handheld devices. Says Pitsikalis, “Effective inventory management also ensures that a spa doesn’t have to over-order product, resulting in higher shelf time, which increases chance of spoilage, theft, damage, and cash tied up in excess inventory.”

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