Sonäge Skincare Launches Skin Kiosque Program

Sonäge Skincare launched the Sonäge Skin Kiosque program during a spa event in New York City. Targeted toward estheticians and boutique spa owners who are committed to natural skincare, the new service platform offers a customized facial menu, training, equipment, merchandising, and marketing support. In addition to the debut of the Kiosque, Take Care (New York City), a holistic, all-natural healing center and spa, also officially launched the Sonäge Skincare Signature Facial this month. Sonäge Skincare’s second partner spa, SB Beaute (Los Angeles), will launch the skincare brand’s services on November 8. “I am drawn to Sonäge because of the simplicity and effectiveness of the products,” says Susan Badalyan, owner of SB Beaute. “I love ingredients that are clean and straight-forward. When it comes to skincare I think less is more and Sonäge was a perfect integration for my sophisticated clients. I like that they treat and strengthen your skin at the same time.”

Sonäge Skincare has been creating solutions for the professional spa industry for more than two decades and recently introduced its ‘New Natural Manifesto’ to educate and empower skincare professionals to make safe skincare choices. “The goal of the Sonäge Skin Kiosque is to collaborate with like-minded spa partners to set a new standard for healthy skin,” says Khanna. “By empowering skincare professionals and consumers to make safe skincare choices, the Sonäge Skincare Kiosque program will have the effect that resonates with safety conscious consumers. We are committed to helping our clients succeed by creating real solutions that produce results without causing harm. The holistic approach adopted by the Adams sisters at Take Care and Susan at SB Beaute made them the perfect spas to promote our New Natural Manifesto.”