Spa and Wellness Industry Leaders Launch Civana

Tom Merton/Royalty-Free/OJO Images (via Getty Images)

Using the tag line "the future of wellness just got healthier," a group of spa and wellness industry leaders have launched a unique new concept combining both hospitality and real estate called Civana. Civana is a hospitality and real estate platform that ties together wellness programming, sustainable design, and hotel asset and property management in a way that will promote healthier living and travel.

At the helm of the company are a number of industry professionals and leaders who originated the "Sustainable Wellness" position by connecting individual well being and planetary health. The company's executive team includes former Canyon Ranch president and CBO Kevin M. Kelly; former vice president of finance and development for Miraval and Canyon Ranch Larry Lamy; and Spa, Wellness & Brand executive Rianna Riego. Additional advisors, founding partners, and board members include former COO of Canyon Ranch Peter Smith, and Atlanta based manufacturing entrepreneurs and real estate developers Marc Skalla, Beau King, and Adam Ross. The asset will be co-managed by Holualoa Companies, a real estate investment firm with over $2 billion of transactions founded by Michael Kasser.

With the ideal to satisfy today's consumer appetite for a deeper guest experience, social connection, and health and wellness environments through leisure travel, Civana is creating a niche that will set the brand apart in a competitive market.


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“The established wellness immersion resorts target the top 10 percent of the affluent travelers, leaving 90 percent of this market underserved," says Kevin Kelly, Civana chairman and CEO.  "Civana will bring a more attainable wellness experience to a larger target market, designed for today’s sophisticated traveler of all ages.”

The platform will feature a collection of sustainable wellness resorts and communities, the first being a 189-room Carefree Resort located in the Greater Scottsdale, AZ, area. Renovations on the 1964 mid-century modern hotel began in August, and include updated rooms and public spaces, a world-class spa, movement studios, an upgraded fitness center, and healthy cuisine, with an emphasis on sustainable design. The renovation is slated for completion in September 2018.


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