Spa & Club Ideations Expands Distribution Channels

Spa & Club IdeationsSpa & Club Ideations, a full-service consulting agency in the health, spa, and wellness industries, has signed on as a global distributor for two relaxation technology companies, SolTec Lounge and HOPSports. “The desire for new ways to relieve stress and boost healthy lifestyles is not going away,” says Jeff Kohl, cofounder of Spa & Club Ideations. “The SolTec Lounge and videos from HOPSports can be used in spa relaxation areas, hotel guest rooms, and even as member amenities in country clubs. The products greatly benefit consumers without additional staffing being needed from the facility.” With more than 25 years of experience, HOPSports has developed exercise and physical-activity video content specifically designed to work in small spaces, including schools, universities, hospitals, recreation centers, and treatment facilities. The goal of the platform is to customize video content, including corporate messaging to increase effectiveness and viewership. “For example, hotel brands can promote services and property amenities during the workout, provide sight-seeing recommendations and showcase destinations within the hotel chain,” says Kohl.

SolTec Lounge is a chair that creates a sound, magnetic, and vibration therapy session. It delivers specially designed music that is layered with multiple melodies playing simultaneously. It is a simple way to promote stress relief from the comfort of a chair, and the relaxation benefits begin to emerge after the user’s first or second session. This equipment improves a client’s sense of wellbeing as well as level of peace and tranquility as it profoundly relaxes the entire physical body and mind. “As hospitality professionals, we know all too well the stress levels of guests and members,” says Michele Kohl, cofounder of Spa & Club Ideations. “Three out of four doctor’s visits are for stress-related ailments; relieving that stress is now as simple as resting in the SolTec Lounge. We fully support the SolTec Lounge as a wonderful tool for relaxation, stress relief and meditation.”