Spa market matures in response to economic challenges

This past week, a flurry of reports have grabbed my attention regarding the recent economic challenges, and the amazing rebound the spa market is making to remain sustainable.

Diagnol, a market report firm, stated that after years of phenomenal spa growth, skincare brands have had unlimited opportunity to flourish and profit within this sector.  This is until the recent economic downturn in the US market that has challenged the spa market to “mature” and seek products offering a higher calibre of science, organic & wellness based philosophies.

This directly coincides with changing consumer demands to supply more holistic-based programs within the spa, in addition to products and services that are proven (in clinical evidence,) to work.

For the spa, this is the time to take advantage of cutting edge brands offering a different approach to supporting the health & beauty of the spa client.   In addition to straightforward beauty brands, the spa has the opportunity to leverage new sources of revenue for their treatment & maintenance programs.  One example is the increasing attention in Nutricosmetics to support and enhance the effects of spa treatments.  Nutricosmetics are a sector of nutraceuticals & personal care that focus on antioxidant rich formulation to help protect the body from accelerated aging and beautify the skin from within.  Spas across North America are rebounding through the economic downturn by changing their philosophies and offering their clients more sophisticated and complete approaches to beauty and overall wellness.

A smart tactic to take in moving to the next level!

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