Spa Programs – bringing wellness and beauty together!

At a time when consumers are progressively bringing health into their beauty regimens, the spa offers the perfect place to blend a 360 degree approach towards wellness and beauty.  Typically, spa services have offered topical treatments and products with a side focus on nutrition & cleansing-type programs. However with the recent analytical and industry reports showing growing consumer interest in nutrition & preventative health, the spa is the obvious place to blend these two modalities together.  From nutrition plans, functional foods and nutraceuticals, there is flexibility for the spa to incorporate protocols and products that are compatible with their budgets and service philosophy.

As this emerging category continues to build, it will provide benefits not only to the spa client but also to the spa owner as a new source of revenue with a healthy return on investment.

By guiding the client towards optimal nutrition, this will help to promote a healthy metabolism, healthy immunity, and beautiful skin all while energizing the system.  Your client will not only look great but also feel their best.  A great approach to take for client satisfaction & retention!

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