Spa Summer Camp for Kids

summer camp for kidsNot growing up with the typical American childhood, I have never been to a summer camp. Until the age of 12, my Brazilian childhood consisted of going to the beach, sleepovers at grandma’s house, and a week away at my aunt’s country home. We did have summer camps in Brazil, but nobody went. When I moved to the U.S. I realized, though, that I had moved to a place with a different mentality. Did I even live a good childhood if I didn’t have crazy summer camp stories? Not likely. I have, however, lived vicariously through my younger brothers who now, completely Americanized, seem to jump from one summer camp to another. Summer camp is the time to turn off any technology, be one with nature, and make friends of a lifetime. Now, summer camp also includes spa.

Together with designer Jennifer Butler, Artist from The Studio, and The Stand Juice Company, [email protected] is now offering a Spa Themed Creative Camp, where kids 11 and up can design fabrics and logos for their spa, create neck pillows, essential oils for aromatherapy, and more. At Jennifer Butler's the campers made a bathrobe, face mask, pillow filled with lentils and essential oils from the stand, waterproof pouch for their mask and pillow, and a stylish bag to hold their projects. At the Stand campers infused lentils with lavender and eucalyptus for their pillow, infused water with fruit and herbs, made lip scrubs, body scrubs, and face scrubs with all natural and vegan ingredients, made herbal teas, vegan chocolate chip cookies, coconut cookies, and mint chocolate chip cookies. At the Studio they created the packaging for all of their projects.  They discussed the importance of the packaging and came up with creative ways to promote their products. They created a logo and carved out rubber for stamps and stickers for their mason jars filled with the scrubs they had made. They also made zen doodle pads.

The whole week allowed for a great deal of talent and creativity, all in the name of spa bliss. The next session will be held August 1 – August 05.

The real question is: can adults sign up too?