SPA week my favorite time … to explore!


I was so excited to experience a spa I head read and heard about. It was SPA week and I wanted to take some ME time, relax and enjoy before guest speaking at the IBS and IECSC shows in New York. My girlfriend who lives in the city booked an appointment for the spa and it was in an elite hotel. When we arrived, it was HOT!


Not only was it hot outside weather wise it was hot in the spa. We checked in and were both ready to chill. However, it was HOT inside. Décor was lovely and spa-esque. I waited for my therapist and sipped the green hot tea offered to us. The services we discovered were on the lower level aka basement. My therapist acknowledged me, was ready for me, and called me by my first name. She gave me the SPA week facial I requested which was to really revitalize my skin. The therapist was kind and made me feel welcome. I told her I was HOT. She apologized and tried to make my skin and me even more comfortable. My skin felt on its way to being amazing. The products she used felt absolutely creamy, dreamy and nourishing. Her hands were great. However, I could not wait to LEAVE the spa as it was so HOT and got hotter by the minute. Even the staff at the front desk were fanning themselves.


As you know you stay longer in a spa and you dip in the whirlpool, sauna and relax and stay for at least a half a day. I could not take it and neither could my girlfriend after her facial and we met in the hall. She was already starting to change out of the robe and into her clothes. She and I were now at the point of getting nauseous. The spa felt like a sauna. When I questioned the therapist, she told me that in the winter she freezes in the summer she is hot and did not know why it is getting even hotter!

Perhaps it is because the spa is located in the basement with pipes over our head and all.


At check out desk they did not even ask why we were leaving…just let us go. However, I told them we were leaving because it was so hot and steamy. One of the receptionists finally said, “Oh the compressor broke two days ago”! I came all the way from Florida to enjoy a day at their spa and I came to experience this? No apology was made by her, no refund and no anything.

We were so disappointed.



When the A/C compressor dies and your AC is not working. Kindly do your guests a favor and give them a heads up and cancel their appointment or reschedule for a date when the spa is NOT a walk in sauna. Or offer a rain check gift card.


The worst spa experience and we will NEVER go back again.


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