SpaExec Sonoma Features Social Media Guru Jamie Ginsberg

Last week’s SpaExec event in Sonoma was a huge success! As always, the events are very well organized by event director Kimberly Rhoten, and featured an outstanding educational program. The keynote and panel were highly interactive—the audience provided invaluable insights into the realities of implementing social media programs.

So much juicy information was presented that I’m  covering the education in two blogs. This first blog covers the keynote—next will feature insights from the panel.

Follow up within 24 hours: You have 24 hours to ask someone to connect to LinkedIn or Facebook. Take business cards, look people up on Linkedin and connect. You can also  link up right away on smart phone.  “Life is busy. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect ,” says Ginsberg

Educate don’t sell: Take the knowledge in your brain and teach your community what you are learning.  Americans love to learn. Share the latest and greatest with your community. Teach people well, then let them buy because they are educated.

Ask Facebook questions: Learn how to use the software. Create questions and limit to the questions you select. Put the the name of your business and then your question to extend your brand. Limit to 3 or 4 choices and don’t allow open-ended questions

Pictures, pictures pictures. Video Why do we care so much about pictures? People love pictures. Pictures are easy. Use your smart phone to take pictures, have a camera in your pocket at all times. Tag people in pictures so your friends see notification. Bring them into your world.

Ask your guests to check in on Facebook:  “Requesting an email address at the front desk is so 1998,” says Ginsberg.  Create a Facebook Deal  (AvantGard offers a French soap when you check in.) Use your “stopping point” (reception desk) to get them to sign up right then and there. When people check in they are advertising your business.  Turn your spa guests into evangelist for you!

Create a YouTube profile for your spa. Google owns Youtube – claim your Google place show up in search.  Optimize your profile put your keywords in. If you have a twitter account – link up youtube to twitter you can “like” the video will come up on Twitter. Create a sharable videos (no commercials or ads!)

Start a blog: Blog about your passions and what you are thinking about.  Blogging will improve your SEO rankings, educate your community and establish credibility. Teach people about your services and products.  Post regularly—if you don’t it will not become a habit  (2-3 times a week.)