Steiner Spa Consulting Launches Remote Management System

Steiner Spa Consulting, a global provider of spa services, has introduced Remote Management Service (RMS), an on-call service for spas, to provide strategic business counsel and quick solutions. With RMS, clients will have access to the company’s global team of 40 full-time experts across business, education, and spa operations with a variety of specializations. Clients will also have access to training resources from the Steiner Education Group, which offers massage therapy and skincare education. “A lot of effort goes into pre-opening, yet once a spa opens, it’s often when it’s most vulnerable and in need of support,” says co-president Jeff Matthews. “In today’s business climate, RMS will help spas anticipate, identify, and resolve issues faster, whether it’s reviewing profit and loss statements, generating revenue-management ideas, addressing staff and training, retail incentives, and more.” 

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