Stem Cell Skin Therapy Now Available to Spas

SpaCare Group, a spa industry source for skincare lines from companies located around the globe, recently partnered with Stemulation Luxury Skin Care to spread awareness of the brand within the spa industry. The Stemulation line consists of cosmeceutical skincare products containing stem cells, while helping to encourage the body’s natural response that repairs aging and damaged skin. It also includes full facial, eye and body regimens. "We are tremendously excited to have come together with Laurie Nicoll and Stemulation", says Melanie Edwards, general manager of SpaCare Group. "Laurie's vision is based on her own personal experience and an honest and passionate desire to help others. This product line uses the very best possible ingredients, and offers scientifically proven formulas that really deliver. We believe in this line and in the company behind it." The stem cell formula, coupled with other antioxidant-rich ingredients, results in a professional-grade product designed for results both in the spa and at home. The brand is recognized as a company that matches SpaCare Group's core values of promoting health, wellness, pure ingredients, clean formulations, and products using ethical technology.

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