Stemology Debuts New Website Features

Stemology, a company dedicated to providing all natural, intelligently organic skincare formulations through the emerging science of stem cells, announces the launch of a new channel on the brand’s website ( that addresses eight major skin concerns—including wrinkles, dark spots, sun damage, sagging skin, dark circles, enlarged pores, sensitive skin, and dry skin.

Each skin concern page outlines a specific skin issue and its cause, along with a multi-pronged solution showcasing suggested Stemology products. “We’re excited to offer a new skin concerns channel on our brand website,” says chief marketing officer Lori Jacobus. “With so many choices when it comes to purchasing skincare products, it can be challenging to determine which product is most effective for a specific skin concern. In a market where many products are multi-functional, education is key.”

For each skin concern, Stemology suggests three solution tiers: good, better, and best. “Best” provides a complete regimen featuring three to five products and is ideal for consumers looking to see major changes in their skin’s appearance. “It’s our goal to equip Stemology fans with the knowledge needed to understand and efficiently treat skin issues,” says Jacobus. ”By using the skin concern pages as a resource, consumers will be able to identify their unique problems and find an effective solution.”

Stemology is best known for its proprietary StemCore-3 technology which helps build collagen and rejuvenates skin, with an efficacious formulation of an all-natural stem cell extract that is ethically prepared and contains no DNA or stem cell matter. Stemology is available for purchase in leading salon and spa locations, medical offices, and online at