Summertime Beauty: What’s Hot!

After the IBS and IECSC Las Vegas shows and just back from NYC the fashion capitol I am happy to share what is in store for us this summer. Here is a peek from the show floor and from the fashionable sights of New York City too.

I have said it before but here I go again. Skin is so in! How it looks, feels and age management are all key. There is a potpourri of skin care out there. Go explore and bring it to your doors. As the baby boomers continue to age so does their skins needs. Sanitas Skin Care has a new hydrating collection that is rocking my face and skin.

Sonic cleansing has a new kid on the block it’s called the Mia 2 and the colors they come in our candy coated gorgeous. I always tell my clients washcloths are so yesterday and they are happy to see, touch and feel why. Clarisonic has also just introduced a line for acne. Your clients will love.

Pore minimizers and plumper are on the rise! Microdermabrasion tools by PMD and

Tightening units by Bio Therapeutic and NU Face, it’s all about maintenance and beautiful benefits.

Run a medi-spa or dermatology practice? Mesoestetic has what you want to give your clients that instant Madonna skin glow…Mesoclat rejuvenation kit and treatment service.

Color is everywhere! It’s a fabulous time for women and men. Especially if you love color and love it. I thrive on it…color gives me a high! This season it is all about rich luxurious colors and soft colors. Pantone the color experts launch the colors of a season as the seasons and years change. The colors of now are: coral, all the colors of the sea blue, citrine, lilac and of course white and tan. Stock up on shades of beauty in your spa or salon…they are going to be asking for color from nail colors, eye shadows, blush, mascara. Water resistant is a good thing to carry too!

Packaging excites the client too. Its like dessert or candy. At a recent SpaExec event I attended, I found Coola Suncare collection in the most beautiful serene shade of blue. The ingredients are eye-catching too! Stock up on sunscreens and sporty tints. La Bella Donna mineral makeup shiny silver packaging and tester unit called out to me too.

LIPSTICKS are back…Not just glosses, lip balms, lip conditioners and lip exfoliators too! Shiny ones, highly pigmented ones and sheer ones SPF is a plus.

Nails are alive and painted with ALL the colors of the rainbow from Las Vegas to New York. We women are taking time for mani’s and pedi’s. As I write, I am tapping the keys with the most gorgeous shade of OPI blue. This soft aqua blue is so relaxing to look at yet colorful. I can smell the ocean just by looking at this color on my fingers ands toes.

Moroccan Argon and Monoi Oils are all in vogue for the hair and body.

The WET Brush Company has my heart and my clients heart too. This brush is amazing! NO detangler needed. The mini brush version is great for the beach. Brush on some hair conditioner and have your clients walk the beach with conditioning beauty. Great retail item.

Body illuminators and skin softeners are hot. I love the Agave Nectar by Farmhouse Fresh Goods. It is a celebrity favorite too. Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist uses it on her. I tried it too and fell in love with it. It has so many skin softening uses. Hydrating healthy looking skin lotions are in too. Shea butter and other lush ingredient feet, sole and hand creams. Whoopie Cream is Taylor Swifts new beauty find.

A whiter smile is always in style and coveted by clients and celeb. Supermsmile has some great travel mouth wash packets. Great for on the go. Cleans and brightens your smile.

Candles scent up the home or beach house and make great hostess gifts. My clients are loving the Whoopie cream delightful scent in a huge grapefruit bowl. Our place smells amazing. They won’t be able to resist buying this bliss.

Hope you enjoyed my What’s hot for summer tour of beauty. Happy selling! Till next time. May happiness be your foundation.

Reported by Educator/ Beauty & Skin Chef…Noreen Young


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