Trend Forecasting

Integral to spa design and enduring treatments are traditions from ancient cultures. It provides a deep connection and meaning to the experience, but what keeps guests coming back are modern innovations and trends with a fresh take on tradition. The latest trend list to offer a peek into what clients will crave in 2015 is out from SpaFinder Wellness 365. Here are the 10 spa trends they predict for this year:

  1. Forest Bathing: Mindfulness Meets Nature: The simple practice of quietly and mindfully walking in the forest.
  2. Cannabis: New Spa & Wellness Connections:... Far More Than "Hot Stoned Massage"​: Cannibus is getting a global wellness makeover with new spa, beauty, and yoga applications.
  3. Wellness Traditions from the Islamic World: Beyond Hammams & Argan Oil: More people seeking nutritional, beauty, and spa traditions from Middle Eastern and African countries.
  4. Industrial Revolution: Blue Collar Wellness: Employers increasingly offering wellness perks and programs for blue collar workers to battle a range of chronic ailments.
  5. Wellness Homes, Communities & Cities: 360 Healthy Living, 365 Days a Year: Homes and communities planned around a holistic wellness concept, including environmentally friendly and sustainable building.
  6. My Fitness. My Tribe. My Life: Super-Social Fitness: Fighting the global loneliness epidemic with fitness brands and studios forming a social and family element in people's lives.
  7. Spa On Arrival (& En Route): The New Travel Ritual: Treatments and easy booking options for travelers in airports and upon arrival.
  8. Hyper-Personalized Beauty: Made-for-Me Will Matter More: New opportunities to customize pampering and selfcare experiences.
  9. Gut Reaction: Improving health and wellness through a focus on the science of the gut and altering its make-up.
  10. Beyond the Stars: Luxury Redefined: The luxury travel industry will be challenged to top itself with even more spectacular offerings and experiences, where air, light, and breathing room are the new luxury.

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