Trendspotting 2012: Grooming & Personal Care Trends

As a spa owner, I think it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of industry trends. That’s why I’m excited to give you an inside look at next year’s top trends when it comes to grooming and personal care, courtesy of the global integrated marketing communications agency Euro RSCG Worldwide. “Given the graying of the global population, anti-aging products dominate shelves, with women and men trying to find elixirs,” says CEO Marian Salzman. “Look for growth in nutricosmetics and ecocosmetics as the beauty industry catches up with the food industry and goes health-conscious.”

Here are the grooming trends to watch in 2012-13:

1. Beauty Is Inside
Shunning plastic surgery and injectables, women fight the aging process with creams, serums, and scrubs—and preferably nutricosmetics, which treat wrinkles and other signs of aging with natural ingredients, from the inside out.

2. Men Care
Men boost their demand for anti-aging products, particularly in haircare. Surprisingly, the country that lays claim to the vainest males: Korea, which continues to dominate the men’s skin

3. XX or XY?
Androgyny has a massive impact on beauty standards. Men’s hair is long, while women’s is cropped short. And models like Andrej Pejic, the platinum-haired gender-ambiguous male, are hot commodities on high-fashion runways.

4. Niche Cosmetics
Organic and eco makeup gain ground as more of us demand chemical-free cosmetics. And the market for halal cosmetics expands with the world’s Muslim population.

5. Free Samples
The cosmetics industry, like others, relies more heavily on interactive technologies to entice customers. Case in point: London perfumery Avery Fine, whose customers get a “virtual” spritz while passing store windows.

What do you think of Euro RSCG’s predictions? Do they match up to your own, and how will these trends impact your business? Share your thoughts here!