Turn Up the Heat

When I mention a sweat session, it usually refers to a tough workout and time well spent in the gym to keep up the healthy lifestyle your spa's promote. Today I’m expanding my definition to include time spent in the sauna, as well, and it’s equally healthy benefits for clients. We’ve touched on the impact of other forms of infrared therapy here, and the upcoming webinar offers an in-depth look at how this technology is used in a sauna environment. The full spectrum infrared technology offered by Sunlighten, takes up as little as 13 square feet of space and aids in detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, heart health, and more with clinically backed results. Connie Zack, owner of Sunlighten, and Sarah Wickens, commercial account manager at Sunlighten will cover why this infrared therapy is a valuable addition to spa treatment menus, pricing strategies, education, and marketing tips.

Register here and tune in Monday, June 16 at 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST) to see why Sweat Sells and how your spa can turn up the heat.