Universal Companies Releases 2016 Spa Resource & Equipment Book

Spa Resource & Equipment BookThis month, Virginia-based spa distributor Universal Companies launched its 2016 edition of the Spa Resource & Equipment Book. The annual catalog is a comprehensive resource for spas and includes many products, supplies, and expert solutions for the overall wellness of spa clients and staff. “We want to help our customers find everything they need to provide holistic treatments for their clients and care for themselves,” says CEO Brenda Elliott. “Our products, supplies, retail, and equipment can not only help spas thrive, but they can also have a positive effect on individuals’ physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.”

The 2016 edition features 1,450 new products and more than 1,200 trendy, eco-chic retail items to boost spa boutique sales. New sections include Spa Equipment and Furniture and Salon and Barber. “Our customers are leaders in the wellness movement,” says founder Marti Morenings. “As such, they have an opportunity to position spa treatments as investments in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We can help spas create a sense of wellness by bringing everything they need to run their business together in one place.” 


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