Waxxxpress Launches Heater Exchange Program

Waxxxpress' new promotion The Great Waxxx Heater ExchangeWaxxxpress has announced its new promotion The Great Waxxx Heater Exchange, which allows estheticians to trade in their old heater for a new Waxxxpress Big or Mini Dipper Waxxx Heater—free of cost. The Big and Mini Dipper are both easy to clean, heat wax evenly and consistently, as well as offer two protective skirts for hard wax and strip wax set-up and a low temperature setting that can be used to warm sugaring paste. “We’re really excited about this promotion, and salons are literally going nuts for it,” says Waxxxpress founder Lilliane Caron. “Never before have salons been able to upgrade their wax heaters for free. There’s no limit to the number of exchanges, some salons have returned two heaters from each of their waxing rooms. While the heater exchange is a great offer, we’re here to raise the bar of the waxing industry not just for estheticians, but their clients too. Often we hear of spas ‘making do’ with heaters that do not heat the wax consistently, are dirty, and are simply unhygienic. These issues pose great risks to clients, and will certainly not ensure a ‘waxxxperience’ that the client wants to repeat.”

Here’s how estheticians can participate in this new offer through July 1, 2017.

  1. Purchase a Waxxxpress Big or Mini Dipper Waxxx Heater at www.waxxxpress.com.
  2. Send Waxxxpress your old wax heater. 

  3. Let Waxxxpress know your old heater is on its way. 

  4. When the company receives your old heater (allow seven days for warehouse processing), they will send a Waxxxpress credit to the value of $80, which is valid for two months after issuing and can be spent on another heater, wax, disposables, pre- and post-products, etc.