Welcome to SpaTrade 2.0!

Hello to everyone, and welcome to SpaTrade 2.0!  I am thrilled to have been asked to fulfill a new role, as Director of Community for the relaunch of SpaTrade.com.  So what’s a Director of Community do? 

Rather than a traditional editorial model, SpaTrade content will feature a range of how-to and brainstorming sessions by industry figures and thought leaders, user-generated content and industry experts’ insights.  I’ll maintain a blog, offering real-time reporting from top industry events, as well as from conferences outside the spa industry on relevant topics such as human resources, small business operations, marketing, retailing, innovation, hospitality, beauty/health trends and technology. I’ll share the most promising trends and innovations from the industry’s resource partners, and post links to relevant third-party content, commenting and analyzing why the topic is important to those of us in the spa world.  SpaTrade will continue to offer information-packed webinars, which you can join live or download later from the archives.

I believe that Nancy Griffin, the founder of SpaTrade, asked me to fill this role due to my innate curiosity, as well as my passion for studying and reading about the best business practices from other industries, and applying them in the spa world.  This role will allow me to delve deeper into stories that I believe are relevant, and to share them with our SpaTrade membership.  I’ll be highlighting spas, especially those who have overcome management challenges.  We’ll be featuring fellow spa professionals and learning how they’re growing their companies and careers, while highlighting the unique journeys many of you have taken to reach the spa industry.

I know how busy your life is, so I’ll edit out the chatter and bring you information that’s current and relevant to your professional needs. This isn’t about reprinting press releases, but distilling the most helpful discoveries and getting them to you quickly.

I also need contributions from you, the spa community.  If you come across a news item that you think should be shared, please do.  Feel free to contact me and advise me on anything that you’d be interested in hearing more about, or that you think would benefit our membership.  SpaTrade wants to be the go-to resource for you, the busy spa professional, and we believe that many minds working together are better than one.  I look forward to hearing from you, at [email protected].