Wellness a hot topic at IECSC in NYC!

Last week I had the opportunity to present (for the first time,) at the fabulous IECSC Show in NYC.  Unaware of the audience I would attract to my talk, I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of people seeking to bring wellness and beauty from within (aka nutricosmetics,) to their company services. From aesthetic physicians, medical aestheticians, wellness and weight loss retreats to upscale urban spas, there is definitely a paradigm shift occuring within the spa and medical spa industries. After speaking with many people at the show, what I learned  is their clientele are the ones requesting such protocols be implemented into their typical beauty regimens. This is not surprising as recent market analystst have predicted that anti aging/beauty from within is expected to grow most rapidly in the next few years within North America  (over any other category in  nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.)

Why is this shift occuring?

According to Frost & Sullivan, the key drivers moving this category include;

  • The inside out approach to total beauty With sophisticated and credible ingredients in the market today, Nutricosmetics are proving there are fortified options through functional foods and supplementation to promote healthier skin, hair and nails. Consumers are becoming more educated about the overall health benefits of balanced nutrition and are today more interested in protecting themselves from accelerated aging through more natural and non invasive protocols.

  • Clinical Evidence - Targeted Nutrients to help reduce accelerated aging  - Nutrient influences on human health have been studied for years with credible clinical studies to back the correlation between specific nutrients and their effect on controlling accelerated aging, including the skin. As the growth of this research & manufacturing technologies continue, this will support the validation & credibility of the Nutricosmetic market.

  • Aging Population - As we live longer, consumers are looking to “age well” in overall health, energy and beauty. Globally, the mature consumer is seeking products to help “prevent” illness, while making them look and feel their best. Antioxidants and other premium ingredients in Nutricosmetics support this consumer demand.

  • Natural Health & Organic Beauty Trends - Consumers are becoming more interested in “natural” alternatives to skin health and beauty. This coincides with the eco friendly & organic beauty brands. Nutricosmetic ingredients are usually naturally sourced making them appealing to type of consumer.

Yours in Health & Beauty,

Paula Simpson