Wellness & Spa: the conversation continues

We have received great feedback on the topic of wellness and spa.  Following are some excerpts from the comments we received from our illustrious SpaTrade members. These wonderful quotes speak for themselves!

Rianna Riego, founder/Principal at Global SpaVantage

"Wellness in a spa begins with the intention – from the ownership/management to the staff. Live it before you preach it. When you do that, the intention is carried over to how everything is presented and communicated to the guests. I started my wellness path a few years ago and as I did this, my staff eventually started to do the same. Then as I introduced more wellness based treatments, they started to become more passionate about modalities that contributed to healing. This was a big feat considering most of them had been service providers since the 70?s and 80?s. When we incorporated holistic community practitioners, not only did the staff take advantage, but employees of the entire resort." Check out Rianna’s blog "Sprinkle of the Day"

Jeremy McCarthy, Director of Global Spa Development and Operations, Starwood Resorts & Spas

"When spas do consider the emotional (or mind-body-spirit) components of wellness, and provide healing experiences that feel good rather than stress us out, they offer something that no one else does: interventions that make us feel good while making us feel better…If consumers get more of a say in their own health care, who wouldn’t choose healing options that are delivered in an enjoyable way over expensive interventions that are coldly delivered and with a big enough price tag to send you right back to the hospital? For Jeremy’s in-depth analysis of wellness and spa, read his excellent blog “The Psychology of Wellbeing"

Cara Solomon, Owner, Body Restoration Spa

A successful wellness spa is one that doesn’t exhibit too much turnover in healers. This can be very difficult to maintain…If insurance companies got more involved in reimbursing clients for massage therapy, acupuncture, weight loss support, more people would be apt to try these forms of healing. More people would be attracted in getting a license to perform these treatments. ..There is enough business and purpose for everyone to share. It would just be more fruitful if we had support from the insurance companies.”

Stacy Bergdahl, Spa and Wellness Marketing Specialist, Berglon Enterprises

 “This is such an important question/issue. From the trends I am reading in the spa industry, people now are not only looking for pampering, but prevention and tangible results. These could be reduced heart rate, less stress, feel/look younger, more relaxed, etc. It seems to me if we stick with results and find a way to measure them over time, this will be motivating for clients and health practitioners. Read Stacy’s blog: www.zenfriend.org

 From the wide variety of responses, we can see the the topic of wellness can take us in many directions. What are your thoughts on the integration of wellness and spa? Post your comments below!