Wellness Tourism Trend to Grow in Strength According to Experts

Wellness Tourism is receiving more recognition as a growing trend across the globe. The Global Spa Summit and SRI International are currently conducting a survey on wellness trends throughout the spa industry. Professors at The Research Institute for Leisure and Tourism in Bern Switzerland identified Wellness Tourism as an emerging trend in a 2001 White Paper, Wellness Tourism: A market analysis of special health tourism segment and implications for the spa industry.  The paper sites: "Wellness is seen as a new market segment and being strongly encouraged through imaginative package initiatives. " To view the entire white paper go to http://bit.ly/aTeGsM.

What does the trend toward wellness tourism mean for you as a day spa owner or manager? We think that it means that employing knowledgable therapists, developing wellness education and customized treatment programs, and committing to the absolute well-being of your clients will translate into longterm financial success...Spas are the wellness education centers of the future!