What to Wax

Memorial Day is almost here and with it beach season. board shorts, and bikinis. That means spa-goers are making hair-removal services a high priority. A recent study conducted by Waxing the City (multiple locations), a national waxing studio franchise, revealed some interesting trends in waxing. While most young waxers start off smoothing their lower regions and chests, later in life they are compelled to head north to groom more visible features. Additionally, the study found that waxing is prevalent in the general population and most common among women. While 90 percent of today's waxers are women, the number of men waxing their chests, backs, ears, nose, and intimate areas is also steadily increasing. A smooth and hairless bikini is a high priority for a majority of consumers—the research shows about one in 10 are doing a bikini or Brazilian wax. Still, brows are the leading service in the industry and have mass appeal in the market.  "What we're seeing is a trend of people developing a passion for waxing after their initial service, and they continue doing it for years," says Summer Vasilas, cofounder of Waxing the City, with 25 studios open and 80 territories sold. "Their first waxing serves as a gateway to a lifetime routine."

We’re looking into another growing hair-removal trend, threading, later this summer. Stay tuned!