What's new?

Beauty is ever changing! It is …brushing, rolling, vibrating, twirling, prickling, massaging and more! The mascaras are not just applied with our hands but they vibrate by themselves for a more pumped up and defined application.

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned washcloth or facial sponges for cleansing Clarisonic is taking over the beauty universe as far as the premiere face-cleansing device. Vibrating 300 times a second to offer cleanliness next to Godliness. Their new PRO-RT 3m serum is going to rock your clients world.

Beauty has also gone wild with color. Its anything goes time of beauty. Color is back in a big way! Bold lipsticks, bold eye shades and colored liners. Black is somewhat out color is in!

Infusions of vitamins and other ingredients with healthy skin beauty drinks and feel good and look gorgeous teas.

Pretty skin is in…women are seeking the fountain of youth. Men are getting in on the action too. Both are seeking a place to disappear in and to look better too!

What have you done NEW at your business?

What new skin products and makeup colors have you added lately?

 Have you purchased enough gift ideas for the holidays?

The IECSC show in fabulous Ft.Lauderdale is next weekend. November 6th and 7th. Come join me and my fellow educators too. Come see and explore what is new! Shop the show floor and get ready for a bright and beautiful holiday rush and season. www.iecsc.com

If you happen to come to one of my four classes please say “Hello” I cannot wait to meet you!