What’s Your Spa’s Refer-ability?

Looking to improve your spa in the eyes of potential clients? Shortcuts has leapt to the aid of its salons and spas to ensure they know exactly whether they will get a glowing referral from their clients or are a Yelp! tragedy waiting to happen. By recruiting the highly acclaimed Net Promoter score as part of its unique Client Spotlight service, Shortcuts has ensured its salons and spas will know how they do with each client as soon after their appointment as possible. The Net Promoter score, as developed by Satmetrix Inc., determines the spa or salon’s refer-ability. And to make it easier to understand how it works, Shortcuts has recently published an infograph, available on its client education site http://itsuitsyou.shortcuts.net, to help its clients understand how this works and what to do about their scores. “Including the Net Promoter score in Client Spotlight allows spa and salon owners to measure their referral potential, identify and respond to problem areas, and manage issues before they end up on review sites, all from one simple application,” says Paul Tate, CEO of Shortcuts North America. “We recognize how important word-of-mouth referrals are to our industry and we wanted to give our spas and salons a tried-and-true method of measuring how they were doing plus a way to respond.”