Wish you were there!

The IECSC and IBS Shows ended Monday. However, the fun began for me Tuesday and Wednesday as I partook in some R& R on the strip and got some shopping in too!

 However, before we go there I would like to take you back to the show floor. When I first blogged I had just zoomed from my classroom to the show floor and was stopped by Spa Trades exec Nancy Griffin. She asked me to go over and start blogging. I am the new kid on the Spatrade Blog block and was excited, delighted and a pinch exhausted. I did not have much time to think. Now, here is more of what you might have missed on the show floor. Please note the show floor is huge and filled with many new vendors besides our old favorites.  These are simply products that caught my eye or personally love, use or retail.

 As an Esthetician, makeup artist and beauty business owner I love to explore the show floor as I wear many hats. I am not only an Educator to the spa industry I am also the buyer, and along with staff am the facial and makeup service provider. I found some unique things I simply had to share with you.

 My personal Must Have Beauty Shopping List includes:

 The Pillowcase by Dr. Peter Pugliese/Circadia. This magical wonder is a pillowcase that controls sleep lines. The micro-nylon fibers at 20,000 microfilament per square inch provide a resilient non-compressionable surface against the skin that protects it from wrinkling, helps rebuild collagen and so much more. Our spa guests can say goodbye to the dreaded face creases every morning. I think this is going to be a big seller!

 Fabulous Farmhouse Fresh products. If your clients love Oprah as much as mine do, or any celebrity for that matter, they will LOVE buying these beauty potions from you. Honey Heel glaze as well as Sweet Cream Milk hand and body lotions are light, moisturizing and packaging to die for. Really, you gotta see this line to believe it!

 Supersmile gives our clients a super smile. They have just come out with three new flavors to freshen the breath, gums and whiten our teeth…thus brightening the complexion. Celebrities use it and so will your clients. We carry it for three years now next to our lip serums, lipsticks and lip liners. It sells like hotcakes for us.

 Restore Hot Flash Aid Spray is a natural product that helps to control hot flashes for up to 4 hours. I bought it to cool my clients in the facial room. However, I know I am going to have to retail it too.

 Tassi from What’s Hot Inc. sells a new twist on the hair band when doing facials and or makeup applications. No more smooshing the client’s hair down and messing up her do. It is a great headband, honestly. You gotta try it to see what I mean.

 Tealiscious green tea lipstick is a great way to end the facial by Irresistible Beauty. It conditions the lips for guys, gals, and smells and feels amazing. Make your facials deliciously unforgettable.

 Clarisonic continues to rock the skincare health universe. I love the Opal, which delivers a dose of eye treatment faster than our fingers and really hydrates even the most sensitive skin. I am also addicted to the mini Mia that is my go to electric washcloth. Say goodbye to the old fashioned way of cleaning Clarisonic is here.

 That’s it for now. Come back tomorrow and here all about my SPAAAAAAAH visits on the strip.