WTS International to Create Luxury Spas in Asia

Gary Henkin, president and CEO of WTS International

WTS International (WTS), a global spa consultancy and management firm, announced its appointment to create cSPA, a new spa concept for the Cachet Hotel Group in Asia. It will be developed at Cachet’s properties throughout China, Southeast Asia, and the Americas, debuting its first location in Bangkok, Thailand, and Hangzhou, China. “We think WTS’s innovative health, beauty, and wellness experience is complementary to Cachet,” says Yvonne Choi, chief marketing officer at Cachet Hotel Group. “Both companies are known for their commitment to lifestyle, service, innovation, and design. Both of our customers have similar demographic and psychographic profiles. We look forward to partnering with WTS to scale this concept quickly and to establish a global footprint throughout Asia and the Americas.” Reflecting the values of the Cachet Hotel Group brand, each spa will feature color palettes of deep grey blue, brown, and a hint of gold with other accent colors counterpointed with black. The materials and textures within the spaces will include large textured stone panels, with reflective- and matt-finished brass and bronze, combined with wood and glass. "We share Cachet's commitment to delivering an exemplary guest experience in an environment where people feel at ease while enjoying culturally inspired, world-class treatments,” says Andrea Dubois, senior project designer at WTS, who led the project. “Finding this balance creates an experience that is both engaging and immersive.”

For more information, visit www.wtsinternational.com.