WTS International Launches WELLness Begins with Water

WTS International (WTS), a global spa consultancy and management firm, has partnered with the Green Spa Network and Global Wellness Day to launch WELLness Begins with Water. The philanthropic corporate initiative supports charity: water, which aims to deliver clean, safe drinking water to developing nations. “We take our plentiful supplies of clean water for granted and our spa industry is founded on it, yet many people in the developing world do not even have access to clean drinking water,” says CEO Gary Henkin. “We believe this is a basic human right and here at WTS we’re committed to working with charity: water and also our partners, clients, and stakeholders, to raise funds to improve the lives of people who are without safe water, by empowering them to take charge of their own water supply.” Through WELLness Begins with Water, WTS and partners plan to raise $10,000, the amount needed for charity: water to install a community well.

In a related project, WTS will also work with the Green Spa Network to develop protocols and recommendations for WTS-managed spa, fitness, and lifestyle facilities to significantly reduce the number of plastic water bottles and cups used. WTS will distribute these recommendations in a guide and the Green Spa Network will track and compare usage in WTS-managed facilities to show progress. The guide will also give spas suggestions for running their Global Wellness Day fundraising events. All proceeds raised from attendance at Global Wellness Day events will be donated to charity: water in the name of WTS. "I highly commend WTS for raising money for this worthwhile cause," says Paul Schmidt, executive director of Green Spa Network. "The Green Spa Network is proud to partner with progressive companies like WTS and collaborate to cause positive change."