Yon-Ka Paris launches NEW treatment: Evasion Sensorielle

Yon-Ka Paris, the luxury aroma-therapeutic skincare line announced it will be launching a new innovative facial treatment — Evasion Sensorielle ("Sensorial Escape") in Jan-Feb of 2010.

Yon-Ka has chosen Dolce Vita spa in Houston, Texas, to be the first spa in the USA to launch this treatment. Yon-Ka wanted to reward Dolce Vita, a spa that managed to double its business in a year of a recession.

Evasion Sensorielle is a seasonal, luxurious 1-hour phyto-aromatic treatment incorporating fine art brushes, in order to restore harmony and leave skin radiant and stress-free. The brushes, normally used to paint porcelain, are not utilized to apply product but instead employed for tactile sensory. Such element has never been incorporated into a spa facial prior to this launch.

The massage brushes are made from goat hair and wood and are handmade by the family-owned Bullier Company, which for 160 years has been creating fine brushes for artists in France.

Yon-Ka products incorporated in the treatments are rich in rosemary extracts in order to oxygenate, rejuvenate, detoxify and enhance coloring of the skin.

Benefits of Evasion Sensorielle - this complete and highly nuanced facial introduces a palette of physical sensations and aromatic experiences:

? The subtle brush strokes gradually give way to a manual choreography
? The glowing oxygenation and revival of the complexion thanks to the rosemary-rich products
? The experience of new sensations that relieve stress and instill equilibrium, lasting long after the treatment is finished

Who is the Treatment For?
? Spa clients who want the effectiveness of a glow-enhancing treatment combined with the harmonious flow of energy that the sensations of the brushes bring about.
? Spa clients with dull complexions that could use revival (perfect before an event)
? For stressed, tense clients who need a calming treatment that also smoothes and relaxes creasing.

Price & Availability:

Sensorial Escape will be available in spas nationwide. Readers can find spa locations offering the treatment by calling (800) 533-6276.

Yon-Ka recommends a price of $110 to the consumer, but price may vary based on location and demographics.

More on Yon-Ka Paris on www.YonKaUSA.com
More on Dolce Vita Spa on www.DolceVitaSpaHouston.com


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