Is your spa offering full-circle wellness education?

With obesity and health issues in the spotlight in the United States, the public is becoming more health conscious and demanding better food choices and programs to fit their hectic lifestyles. Wellness is the root of the spa industry, and a key factor is nutrition. In addition to relaxing and rejuvenating at the spa, nutrition programs are a key component in the body/mind/spirit experience. Depending upon your budget, space and type of spa services offered, here are a few ideas to help promote nutrition and well being within your spa.

1)     Offer Special Education Forums  - With many people not taking the time to cook anymore, convenience foods has become increasingly common. Bringing in a Nutritionist/Chef for an evening of education on healthy eating/cooking  may help to encourage (and inspire) your clients to take a second look at their daily dietary patterns. Focusing in recipes or meal plans that are “skin nutrient” rich will also tie in nicely with your specialized spa treatments.

2)     Bring in a Nutrition Consultant – Seek the expertise of a credible Nutritionist within your community. Maybe he/she would be interested in working with your established on a network or referral basis. This is a great way for you to offer your clients nutritional consultation without the initial investment. If you see there is value and interest for this service from your clients, then you can move towards a more solid and specialized nutritional consulting.

3)     Offer Products to compliment your spa services and programs –  Nutricosmetics, are quickly gaining popularity within the Spa. In addition to healthy diet, Nutricosmetics offer concentrated formulations targeted to promote healthy skin, hair, nails and best protect the skin (and body) from stressors that may accelerate the aging process. This has been a part of Asian and European spa philosophy for years and we are now just seeing North Americans catch onto this holistic approach to natural beauty.

It seems the evolution of the North America spa industry has come full circle and back to its wellness roots. By incorporating nutrition into your spa programs, you support the overall vitality and well being of your clients. This added component will not only help your clients look and feel their best but will also bring an additional source of revenue not currently offered through topical treatments and products.