NHS Hospital Sells Moisturizer to Fund Patient Care

Salisbury District Hospital has become the first NHS hospital in Great Britain to develop a moisturizing cream whose proceeds will be re-invested back into patient care. Trusty Little Sunflower Cream was originally created for the hospital’s burn and plastic surgery patients but was so popular that it was offered to the public. It is now available in two varieties: unscented or lavender essential oil.

M&H manufactured the 35mm diameter flexible tubes which are topped off with a Softline fliptop cap. We are absolutely delighted to have been involved in this exciting new initiative.  A pure white tube with a fliptop cap for ease of use was selected and the branding has been kept simple yet effective with clever use of the word ‘Trust’. The sunflower image then subtly conveys the main essence of the cream,” says Lisa Roe of M&H.