Nivea to open its second spa in the emirate of Dubai

Nivea will open its second spa in the emirate of Dubai. The Nivea House will be located in the Dubai Mall beauty zone, part of the Dubai Downtown Project development, which will also include the Burj Dubai, reputed to be the worldç—´ tallest tower.

This Dubai spa offering will boast a shopfront length of 98.4ft (30m). It will also have a separate grooming parlour for men.

The Nivea Haus concept was first launched by its parent company, Beiersdorf AG, in central Hamburg, Germany, in April 2006.

The Hamburg property is visited by 700 customers daily and, to cope with the demand for its services, the spa team was recently increased from 21 to 50 employees.

Each Nivea House includes full day spa services such as massages, beauty treatments and hairstyling alongside the retailing of Nivea products and a menç—´ grooming area.

Beiersdorf AGç—´ Chief Executive Officer, Thomas-Bernd Quaas, said: å...¸he central idea of the Nivea House is to familiarise the customers with the brand and products in an actual treatment situation combined with an individual consultation.

å±?e are now applying this successful model to the Arabian states and we are confident that our concept will go well in Dubai.