Annual Millennium Conference Opens to All Industry Pros

The Millennium Experience

Millennium Systems International, which provides salon and spa management software to the beauty and wellness industries, is hosting The Millennium Experience on June 11-13, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This conference is designed to cultivate a blend of networking, education, and inspiration to foster business growth. It annually draws more than 600 beauty and wellness professionals, and for the first time in its 16-year history, it will open its doors to all industry professionals. "We've always wanted to open up our Millennium Experience to the entire industry and in 2017, we are finally doing it,” says founder and CEO John Harms. “Our core mission is to be more than a software company and educate the industry on proven ways to grow.”

At the conference, non-millennium clients will be able to see firsthand the value in the software company’s 30-plus years of industry experience, as well as the fundamentals behind the success of current Millennium clients. The event will consist of several highlights such as cutting-edge hair shows and inspirational speakers aimed to celebrate the future of the industry and inspire attendees to reach new heights. Attendees will also learn to speak the language of growth and how to transform their business into a successful, cutting-edge salon or spa. “No empire was built without powerful tools and knowledge,” says Harms. “Our newly expanded education team is excited about revealing the secret sauce behind Millennium's successour culture, employees, and practical teachings that make sense and are actionable when you return to your business, even if you don't use Millennium.”

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