Bryan Durocher


Industry expert and success coach Bryan Durocher believes that health, wellness, and beauty are an organic process. Understanding and believing in your potential, overcoming your fears and obstacles, making healthy decisions about your life - all help a person present a positive, confident face to the world.

Durocher is the founder of Durocher Enterprises, a coaching and consulting firm specializing in working with the manufacturers, professionals and consumers who make the beauty and personal development industry tick. A graduate of the Corporate Coaching Program at Corporate Coach University and a Committee Chairman for Special Interest Groups with The International Coach Federation, Durocher has also worked for leading beauty industry organizations, including the Professional Beauty Association, Georgette Klinger and the International Beauty Show Group. In addition to providing coaching, consulting, and educating audiences at numerous speaking engagements worldwide, he has developed motivational and educational products including The Success Circle, an in-depth look at individual communication styles, and The Secrets of Ka-Ching, a guide to increasing revenue and productivity for the beauty business professional.

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