Oasis Day Spa Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month with 'In the Pink' Promo

To honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Oasis Day Spa in New York City is running 'In the Pink,' an exclusive promotion that gives 15 percent off services and products on Mondays and Wednesdays to customers wearing pink. 'In the Pink' was created to fulfill two purposes: to provide men and women with vital information about the importance of good breast health in an atmosphere where they feel comfortable; and to raise awareness about the healing and stress-reduction powers of massage.

'In The Pink' will also provide customers with valuable information from the American Cancer Society that highlights the benefits of massage therapy for cancer patients. (It is important to note that any cancer patient seeking massage therapy must discuss options with their physician and choose the massage setting that is best for them.) The card will also feature: the five steps to Self-Breast Exam; information about proper bra fittings; and important non-profit and cancer-related Web sites.

'In our ten year history we have cared for thousands of women of all ages, many of whom have suffered from serious illnesses or have friends and relatives with cancer,' says Owner Bruce Schoenberg. 'For many of our female customers going to a spa is less about pampering and indulgence and more about maintaining good mental and physical health. Because we are a regular outlet for comfort, privacy and relaxation, we have the opportunity to educate and spread the me 00004000 ssage about the importance of good breast health for women.'

Oasis hopes that more women, particularly those under 40 and too young for mammograms, will perform self-breast exams, a potential factor in early detection.

While there are differences between regular and medicinal massage, a recent Prevention magazine article cited that 20 percent of all cancer patients in the U.S. seek some form of massage therapy. Massage has been known to help easy anxiety, depression, stress and nausea. Massage is in no way a preventative measure or a treatment, and any cancer patient should get appropriate clearance from his/her healthcare provider prior to scheduling an appointment.

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