It's hard to resist the allure of packaged spa treatments. Imagine 'The Perfect Day' at Safety Harbor Resort And Spa or 'The Revitalizer' from Bramham Spa. The Grand Floridian's 'Peaceful Nights Bath' promises bubbling jets of water to relax every muscle.

Most spa directors consider hydrotherapy to be extremely important, citing high demand for pedicure and tub services. In some spas, hydrotherapy accounts for 20% of total service volumes. As one manager noted, 65% of her spa's 2004 hydrotherapy revenues were generated by packages. Combining hydrotherapy with massage and other treatments gets people started, and the benefits induce loyalty.

'The use of water for therapy and relaxation has been a fundamental element of healthy lifestyles for thousands of years,' says Nancy Griffin, CEO of SpaTrade (, an online community serving the professional spa industry. 'Feedback Research Services' hydrotherapy report is essential for any spa owner who wants to 'tangibalize' and legitimize hydrotherapy. Continuing the tradition of water-based therapies is important to the growth of the spa industry. The wide range of benefits complement other spa disciplines.'

'Bathing' improves circulation and assists in cleansing, detoxification, and elimination. Water is also an excellent conveyor of spa products such as essential oils, marine plants, and trace elements.

At home, consumers have demonstrated ongoing demand for specialized soaking products. Since 2000, the U.S. hot tub market has consistently generated annual revenues in the $1.2 - $1.5 billion range.

The healing aspects make hydrotherapy an obvious fit for health and wellness centers. In full service medical spas, body work complements cosmetic procedures, enhancing the clinical side with personalized, 'high touch' services such as mud baths, slimming treatments, and soaking.

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Feedback Research Services' new report, "Spa Hydrotherapy Markets", estimates annual service volumes and revenues for the day, destination/resort, and medical spa segments. The Company publishes reports that analyze revenues, growth rates, and trends in emergent health care, lifestyle, and medical markets. Click Here to purchase the report, and to view an abridged Table of Contents and List of Tables. An electronic copy is available for $150.

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