PBA Announces New Leadership Council Members

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) announced the newly elected and reelected members of PBA's Leadership Councils that will continue to guide the association through the coming year. Comprised of highly-respected beauty professionals, all of which volunteer their time to serve, their terms began Sept. 1, and will end on August 31, 2014. PBA has four Leadership Councils: Beauty Professional/NCA, Distributor, Manufacturer and Salon/Spa. Each of these councils addresses the needs and issues of their respective area of focus. The overall Governing Council oversees budgeting, legislation endorsement, strategic planning, and addresses issues that affect the industry as whole.
The Beauty Professional/NCA Leadership Council has elected Peggy Sue Schmoldt as the newest member of council. Joining her will be reelected members Marlene Bridge, Mark Goodman, and Grace Santiler Nowik. Santiler Nowick will retain her role as council president.  
The Distributor Leadership Council has elected Paul Gauvin of WS Beauty Supply, Brandon Ranney of Creative Salon Concepts, and Karl Sweis of SWEIS, Inc. as the newest members of the council. Renee Shakour of Essential Salon Products was also reelected.  
The Manufacturer Leadership Council has elected Michael Riley of Scruples Professional Salon Products Inc. as the newest member of the council. Kevin Barrett of Fromm International, Reuben Carranza of P&G Salon Professionals, and Scott Hagstrom of Helen of Troy were all reelected.
The Salon/Spa Leadership Council has elected Tiffany Conway of CoCo Cheveux Salon and Holly Zapata of K Charles & Company Salons as the newest members of the council. Rejoining the council are Scott Buchanan from Scott J Salon & Spa as council president and Bonnie Conte from Avalon Salon and Day Spa.