PBA Releases Results from Industry Tracking Survey

The Professional Beauty Industry (PBA) recently released the first quarter 2009 results from the PBA Salon/Spa Industry Tracking Survey. The survey was conducted with a panel of 600 spa and salon owners from around the country. Here's a look at some of the findings:

44 percent of respondents reported a decline in total service sales, while 49 percent reported a decline in retail sales.

54 percent of spa and salon owners are optimistic about service sales growth in the months ahead, while only 15 percent expect lower sales.

62 percent of spa and salon owners expect business conditions to improve in the next six months, while only 7 percent think conditions will be worse six months from now.

Spa and salon owners reported an average of 0.5 percent increase in backbar costs in the first quarter.

On average, spa and salon owners reported a 2 percent increase in their service prices.

35 percent of spa and salon owners made a capital expenditure for equipment, expansion, or remodeling, and 41 percent plan to make one in the next six months.

16 percent of spa and salon owners plan to open at least one new establishment in the next six months.

The PBA Salon/Spa Industry Tracking Survey is $195 for a yearly subscription for non-members and is provided complimentary to PBA members. For more information, visit www.probeauty.org.