PBA Releases Results of a Poll on Regulation and Licensing of Cosmetologists


The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) released the results of a national survey that polled the regulation and licensing of cosmetologists. Conducted in 2012, the survey showed that 94 percent of voters across the U.S. felt that requiring licensing of beauty professionals would protect the public and improve the quality and safety of the beauty industry–an overwhelmingly high figure.

The poll surveyed a broad demographic but the strongest support came from women, older voters, African Americans and households with low-income. Other key findings of the survey include:

*80 percent of voters understood that beauty professionals must attend courses to obtain a license, though fewer knew that disease-prevention training was a requirement.

*82 percent of voters said that quality and safety would decline if states ended licensing and regulation in the beauty industry

*88 percent of voters believe that requiring licensing protects the public from infection and disease

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