PCI Publisher and Best-Selling Author Becomes NCEA Certified

Susanne Warfield, PCI Journal's Publisher , Author, and a 27-year Esthetician, is now NCEA Certified. 'This voluntary certification will show our state regulatory boards the standards that we want our profession to aspire to, and further assist the boards in their role of protecting consumers,' states Ms. Warfield. 'By becoming NCEA Certifed, this will provide NCEA with the political clout it needs to get legislators to listen and support bills providing higher education & standards, so that skin care professionals can meet the technological advancements facing our industry.'

The launching of the NCEA Certification Program was the culmination of seven years of hard work and commitment by NCEA's membership. The coalition's 14 Association members, 90+ Manufacturers/Distributors and 1,000+ Individual members united and committed to the goals of 'defining and conveying standards of practice' for the skin care professional.

NCEA secured the use of the 1200 Hour Esthetician exam provided by the National- Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC) for use in the NCEA National Certification Program. In a continuing effort to raise the standards for the profession, Warfield urges all skin care professionals to become NCEA Certified and support National Standards, Mobility, and International Recognition for our profession.

Looking for a NCEA Approved Training Facility?

NCEA is pleased to announce the addition of four NCEA Approved Training Facilities in the Northeast and Virginia. These locations offer the NCEA 7 Hour Prep Class. This course will overview the sections of the training manual and provide a formal classroom setting. Your instructor will work through each section giving you the opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Some may elect to take this class as the opportunity to work with an instructor stimulates visual learning and it helps validate what you already know.

These locations may also offer instruction on other NCEA Curriculums such as:

7 Hour Light Emitting Diode
14 Hour Microdermabrasion
21 Hour Chemical Exfoliation
42 Hour Laser and Light

Additionally, you may have the opportunity to attend other Post-Graduate class at these training facilities.

Purchase your Training Manual or any of the above Curriculums at www.ncea.tv now!

Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics
New York City, NY
Website: www.aeinstitute.net
Phone: 212-725-6130
2007 NCEA 7 Hour Prep Class Date:
November 18, 2007

DeRielle Cosmetology Academy
Mechanicsburg, PA
Phone: 717-697-6497
2007 NCEA 7 Hour Prep Class Dates:
October 10, 2007
December 5, 2007

Face Forward Inc.
Peabody, MA
Website: www.faceforwardinc.com
Phone: 978-535-5888
2007 NCEA 7 Hour Prep Class Date:
November 16, 2007

Universal Companies, Inc.
Abingdon, VA
Website: www.advancewitheducation.com
Phone: 888-558-5571, Ext 4122
2007 NCEA 7 Hour Prep Class Date:
November 5, 2007

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