Q & A with Allan Share of the Day Spa Association

We go behind the scenes with Allan Share, the consummate connector and long-time spa industry fixture who has recently become the new owner of the Day Spa Association. 

How many years have you been involved in the spa/hospitality industry?

My entire life, lol.  Going back to my formative years, I always seemed to gravitate to the "natural" way of doing things, although no one was calling it that.  In 1990, I formed a company called American Chiropractic Supply which morphed into New Life Systems.

What was the path that led you into the spa industry?

Being in the chiropractice supply business, we found out right away that the supplies being distributed in that marketplace were also being used by Podiatrists and Veterinarians.  In 1995, a Podiatrist called and wanted to order massage tables to try doing some of his work on.  I looked in the Yellow Pages (remember those?) and found an advertisement for a company listing themselves as the "largest supplier to Spas and Massage Therapists" and I called to talk to the boss.  Turns out they were going through bankruptcy.  to paraphrase the Remington razor boss; "I liked it so much, I bought the company."  Turns out that we were much better suited to the spa and massage market.
This industry lends itself to building relationships.  By 1999 we were deepinto developing our Lotus Touch line of lubricants, which came to market with the tag line "no nut oils, no mineral oils, no direct alcohol."  We were the first to offer a complete line of nut-free products and it resonated with the therapist world.  The combination of an equipment company paired with a lubricant company allowed us to become a one-stop shop to the spa, esthetic and massage worlds.  My companies were sold to Scrip Companies (Massage Warehouse, Hessco, Promed) in 2007.

What is your favorite place in the whole world?

Home on my deck.  We live in the city, but have an acre of land surrounded by mature oak trees.  You can find myself, Kathy and our dog Kirby out there with the grandkids if the temperature is above freezing.

If you could have any profession in the world, other than what you do now, what would you be?

Teacher.  Wait, I need to add to that; travel expert, connector, golf pro, but really I'd love to teach high school- and college-aged folks how to be entrepreneurs.

What is your motto or concept that you live by?

Go Forward.  Actually, it belonged to a business partner of mine (we're in the software business producing Astronomy and Geology programs for the education field).  I have a profound belief that learning from the past is one aspect of life, but going forward is where success lies.

What is your most treasured possession?

My family, and I really feel it when they are away.  When I'm surrounded by family, everything feels alright in the world.  It doesn't mean things are perfect, but I don't like the alternative of not having them around, especially since I have twin grandsons who adore their grandpa!

What’s your go-to spa treatment?

90 minute massage.  As a type A, it takes me 20 minutes to settle down, but when I do, I'm gone baby gone.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

I had a HoloChromatic reading done years ago by Jamie Champion who told me I was a connector in the world.  In other words, I brought people together and introduced new relationships . . . I've done this my entire life without calling it anything special.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Patience . . . I'm short on that.  I recently started meditating to get my brain to slow down.

Care to share any details on family life, i.e. spouse, partner, children, pets?

My wife and love of my life, Kathy, is a healing touch practitioner by trade.  She is the Yin to my Yang.  Plus I've got 3 kids, the 2 grandsons, dog Kirby (he's the boss), travel, golf, reading, friends.

Tell us two things about yourself we don’t know.

I don't stay out all night whooping it up anymore, and I love BMW's (I drive too fast).