Q&A With Francois Requier, general manager, Silhouet-Tone USA

Francois Requier, Silhouet-ToneWhat was the path that led you into the spa industry?

I have always wanted an international career, and as a French student studying international commerce, skincare was an appealing path that would allow me to work in all parts of the world. Once I began my career I really fell in love with the industry and never considered going away from it.


What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of being in the spa industry?

One of the most challenging aspects is its fast pace and competitive nature, however the rewards are numerous. Perhaps the most appealing incentive is the excitement estheticians and therapists exude. It is an industry where many people are living their dreams because they truly take pleasure in their work.


What is your proudest accomplishment?

Creating a team of competent professionals has been a huge achievement for me. It is a pleasure and a lot of fun to work with them.


What has surprised you most about working in the spa industry?

I have worked my entire career in the spa industry, but I am still amazed to see that although it has reached a certain maturity, it is still driven by genuine passion.


Where do you think the industry is heading? 

I believe there will be more and more convergence between the wellness and health fields. The need for wellness corresponds to a very long-term trend. Spa is huge portion of the wellness movement, and I believe it is just beginning to take off in a very impactful way that won’t slow down for many years to come.


What positions have you worked in that you feel have been most influential to your career?

My current position has been extremely beneficial to my growth as a manager and leader because I started from scratch in this role. Silhouet-Tone has always been successful on the American market, however when I took the role as General Manager for the new United States headquarters, we were building from the ground up in many ways.


If you could work in any other profession in the world, what would you be?

I would work in the food industry, because I like the product, because of its universality and because it is an ever-changing market.


How would you sum up your personal philosophy?

I am just seeking happiness and trying to grow as a person. Being a hands-on type of guy allows me to actively participate in finding opportunities to cultivate understanding and contentment in all areas of my life.


How do you like to spend your time away from work?

Nothing can beat family time. I also love traveling, and as a hobby I like to study genealogy.


What are your three greatest priorities in life?

I am blessed with three amazing children. They easily take the top three spots!


What’s the best advice you’ve received?

A past manager taught me the importance of empathy and showed me how to put myself in the shoes of my clients. I try to follow his advice because I feel that it creates balance and trust in my professional relationships.